A piece of Montana history will soon be gone forever.

The Norris Bar, located at the Junction of Highway 84 (Norris Rd) and Hwy 287, first opened its doors in 1917 inside of an old schoolhouse. It was originally located on the west side of Hwy 287 before it was moved across the highway to the east side in 1948.


Tourists, fishermen, and people from surrounding communities have frequented the Norris Bar for decades.

Carmen and Steve Smith, the current owners, have owned the Norris Bar for 20 years, and have decided to call it quits. According to the owners, the Norris Bar has been sold.

The liquor license was included in the sale and will be moved to Ennis. The new owner will eventually be opening a new establishment in the Ennis area. That means Norris will no longer have a local watering hole.

Carmen plans to focus on her side business of making "Those Bitches" BBQ sauce. She plans on opening a roadside stand near the junction of Hwy 84 and Hwy 287.

If you get a chance, stop by the Norris Bar sometime this month and thank Steve and Carmen for their many years of service.