Bozeman residents are on the move - but they're trying very hard to stay IN Montana. Some people just can't afford housing in the Bozeman area anymore, others are simply not interested in the rapid growth that has taken over the Gallatin Valley. To each their own.

There are so many different reasons for people to move out of Bozeman, just as the onslaught of new comers continues. Most often the reason is money. Plain and simple. There are other towns in Montana that offer many of the same things that Bozeman has, but they're just not as crazy or under such pressure. (Yet, anyway.)

One could argue that there are very few Montana towns that haven't fallen victim to massive housing cost increases, property tax hikes, etc. The entire state has seen huge growth. However, Bozeman is next level. And it's getting crowded. And there's traffic. And it's sprawling. And, and, and...everyone who actually does move out of here has their own breaking point.

No matter what the reason for the move, there's a segment of Bozeman residents who are leaving the area for other towns in Montana. Recently, there was an extensive online conversation about where these folks were moving to, with over 300 responses.

Although this was certainly an informal poll and discussion, we vetted out any nonsense chatter and counted up the legitimate responses that gave at least a few details of their plan. (Details indicated they had already moved, were in the process, or were seriously considering the move. Anything less than that was not counted.)

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HELENA, MONTANA - Montana's capital was the most often named city that respondents had already moved to from Bozeman. With a city population of over 33,000, the size of Helena is attractive to those not looking for small town. Although it has also seen significant growth and housing price increases, it remains somewhat less expensive than Bozeman.

BUTTE, MONTANA - At first glance, this was a surprising 2nd place vote getter as it's a vastly different environment than the Gallatin Valley. However, housing prices are significantly less than the Bozeman area, and close family was often mentioned. Many respondents said they grew up in Butte or Anaconda, making the choice to move back there much easier.

DILLON, MONTANA - A gorgeous, small college town. Just about the 'ideal' place to live in modern day Montana. With a population of nearly 4,000 it's legitimately a small town. University of Montana Western is there and it has a reputation of having an active lifestyle but laid back population.

Photo by Dillon Fancher on Unsplash
Photo by Dillon Fancher on Unsplash

ENNIS, MONTANA - Another popular answer more so for the small town vibe more than affordability, Ennis is understandably attractive to those looking to leave Bozeman's growth. Notably, this choice was mentioned often by those who were able to work remotely.

TOWNSEND, MONTANA - Nestled by Canyon Ferry, Townsend certainly has the gorgeous scenery and outdoor activity boxes checked. Although finding housing at any price point might be challenging due purely to lack of apartment buildings or multi-units. "Buying a trailer" or mobile home was mentioned several times. Close proximity to both Helena and Bozeman made Townsend a logical pick.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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