The rape trial of Jordan Scott Bahr that began on Wednesday will continue and possibly wrap up on Monday in Missoula District Court before Judge Robert L. 'Dusty' Deschamps.

Chief prosecutor Jennifer Clark outlined the incident that allegedly occurred last October.

“Last October, Jane Doe was out with some friends, and one of those people was Jordan Bahr,” Clark began. “The individuals had all been drinking. On the way home she had stopped at his house because she had had too much to drink to continue, and while she was at his house he raped her.”

Following the alleged rape, Bahr left the area and a $30,000 warrant was issued for his arrest. He was found in Minnesota and transported back to Missoula in March.

Clark walked through the progress of Bahr's trial.

"The trial began on Wednesday with jury selection, and testimony started on Thursday with the victim," Clark said. "That lasted pretty much the whole day, but we took a break to hear testimony from an expert on trauma. We resumed on Friday as we finished up with the victim, along with testimony from the victim's boyfriend, and we were on our last witness, the detective.:

Clark said it was not known if Bahr would testify on his own behalf.

"I believe the trial will wrap up on Monday," she said. "In this case we have two charges, sexual intercourse without consent or in the alternative, sexual assault and both are felonies. If he's found guilty on either of those they carry a maximum of 100 years in prison."

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