Did the Lee Newspapers even bother fact checking their reporters before they drool all over the Democrat candidate in the Congressional race in Western Montana?

This is just embarrassing given how much print the Lee Newspapers have given to the transgender sports agenda over the years.

In their profile piece of the radical environmental activist lawyer Monica Tranel, the Lee Newspapers reporter retells a story from a time Tranel was asked about transgender athletes taking away opportunities from women and girls.

Tranel is the Democrat candidate for Congress in Western Montana. She is running against former Trump Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, the Republican candidate in the race.

The Lee Newspapers reporter, in the Billings Gazette story here, then attempts to make Tranel look like some sort of hero by pointing out how Tranel pushed back on the caller. “Where's that happened in Montana?” Tranel asked.

According to the Lee Newspapers report:

Tranel continued, “Let's talk about what's happening in Montana, here on the ground, in our home.”

Um..did this interaction take place in Missoula? Anyone who has followed the transgender sports debate knows that this very scenario has taken place IN MISSOULA MONTANA. A transgender athlete named June Eastwood, a biological male who now identifies as female, won a major women's track meet by nearly a quarter of a lap. Eastwood was also named the Big Sky Conference female athlete of the week, taking the opportunity away from a biological female.

The Lee Newspapers reporter then piled on with a quote from the state's liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT):

God bless her (Tranel) for answering it right, because she's right.

Tranel was wrong. Tester was wrong. The Lee Newspaper reporter was wrong. And they all knew it.

This type of cheerleading for the Democrat party is what we have seen from too many in the media. They've gone to print with story after story after story of bogus allegations against Zinke. Zinke had a great response to all that nonsense in the debate below.

Meanwhile, Tranel is a radical environmental activist lawyer who teamed up with an outfit called 350 Montana to sue the coal miners in Colstrip and called for "divesting" police departments of funding. If that isn't enough, she supports the Green New Deal and big government spending that is driving up gas prices and inflation.


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