On Wednesday afternoon, a member of the Townsquare Media family found herself the victim of a local crime. Angel from Alt 101.5 and 96.3 The Blaze says her Jeep was taken from right outside her home and that she didn’t even know what happened until she got a very odd call.

"I was just cooking dinner and a friend of mine called and said 'Hey, your Jeep is parked in the middle of Higgins downtown and there's a naked man who got out of it and he's dancing around in the street,'" Angel said.

The suspect, Tyrone Silva, 29, was quickly taken into custody as his unique driving and erratic behavior caught the eye of many Missoulians who called into 911, some reported seeing the vehicle driving in reverse down Broadway. Missoula Police spokesman Travis Welsh explains.

"911 received a call of a traffic offense occurring in the 1500 block of Toole Avenue; the report was that a male was acting strangely and driving a vehicle matching the description of the stolen one in circles at a convenience store there," Welsh said.

A Tyrone Silva that appears to be the same man has been arrested in the states of New Mexico, Idaho, and North Dakota where some of the charges include car theft too. In Missoula he is facing a charge of Felony Theft for stealing the vehicle, a charge of Obstructing a Peace Officer for giving a false name to authorities, a charge of Misdemeanor Theft for stealing items from inside the vehicle, and Criminal Mischief for damaging the vehicle, inside and out, with some eyewitnesses reporting that he hit a propane tank during the reverse driving spree.

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