A 22-year old male is in Missoula Police custody for a series of incidents in which he is accused of exposing his genitals in Missoula neighborhoods and to children at bus stops.

Update: (3:20 p.m.) Cole Francisco, a registered student at University of Montana, will be held on $125,000 bail.

The suspect, named Cole Francisco, is expected to make a court appearance in Justice court at 2:30 p.m. today, March 20. He will be charged with two counts of indecent exposure, one count of felony indecent exposure, as well as a charge of probation violation.

Police and Sheriff's Detectives were able to apprehend Francisco because a plain-clothes police officer noticed him at a gas station and noted that Francisco and his vehicle matched reported descriptions.

Detectives are currently looking for more information, and any other city accounts about Cole Francisco should be relayed to Missoula Police Detective Connie Brueckner at (406) 552-6286 or, for incidents that may have occurred in Missoula county, please call Sheriff's Office Detective Jon Gunter 258-4810.