A Lolo man appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Monday, responding to a $50,000 warrant for his arrest on a charge of incest with a young girl under the age of 12.

According to court documents, this individual (whose name is not being made public in order to protect the identity of the victim) allegedly had sexual contact with a family member identified only as Jane Doe. Court documents state that the suspect 'spread her legs and touched her underwear and/or her genital area'.

On October 5, the victim told her mother about the incident, in which the defendant gave her a massage. When interviewed by First Step, the victim said the defendant moved her underwear to the side several times and touched her in a way that 'made her feel scared' and like 'she really wanted to punch him'. The victim's mother confronted the defendant and he made some admissions to her.

The defendant was interviewed by Detective Ariana Adams in which he admitted that 'he got one of those invasive thoughts' 'that 'popped in out of nowhere', but then said it was possible 'his mind has decided to blank that out', and doesn't remember touching her genitals on the outside of her underwear.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Brittany Santorno said a warrant was issued for the man's arrest several weeks ago.

"When we file a complaint, we can either request a summons or a warrant, and I believe the prosecutor in this matter (Suzy Boylen) did request a warrant," Santorno said. "He did appear prior to being picked up on that warrant. He did appear with a family member who was an attorney, but she will not be representing him in the matter. He is going to be obtaining private counsel."

Santorno said Judge Landee Holloway had a stern warning for the defendant who was released on his own recognizance.

"His conditions of release included no contact with the victim, or any extended family members in regards to that, and he is also going to be monitored for alcohol," she said. "He was also given a stern warning from the prosecutor in this case, stating that if he failed to comply with any conditions of his release, that we would be revoking his release and requesting a high bond amount."

The defendant must appear for a preliminary hearing in justice court on November 10.

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