Folks not only in Montana, but in Gallatin County like certain things, and not messing with the roads is one of those things. 

Montanans love going for long, beautiful drives throughout the state, especially during the enjoyable months of the year. The roads are endless and so are the views. Highways cover the whole state and can lead you anywhere, but there might be some changes on the horizon. 

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Over in Missoula, the Montana Department of Transportation has recently finished adding low noise rumble strips in the middle of the road to many of their surrounding highways and to highways in Western Montana. These rumble strips are usually on the shoulder of the highway, but the Montana Department of Transportation has now added them to the middle of the roads. 

Photo by Luke Stackpoole via Unsplash
Photo by Luke Stackpoole via Unsplash

The reason for the addition of these rumble strips to the middle of the road is to prevent collisions and traffic deaths. These rumble strips can alert the driver of the vehicle that they are driving dangerously close to the opposite side of traffic. 

Why rumble strips? They are not costly to the taxpayers, and the construction doesn't take much time to complete. The problem is that there are so many highways in the Gallatin County area, that this endeavor would be a nightmare. 

As of right now, there aren't any plans for rumble strips to get added to highways in Gallatin County or the surrounding areas. We can't imagine though, that if the rumble strips are a success, the Montana Department of Transportation wouldn't want to take this state-wide.  

For more details on the project, check out the Montana Department of Transportation

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