As Montana continues to become more popular and populated, we're going to start to see some real problems.  Of course, growing pains aren't only Montana-specific. Whenever an area grows and expands, we always see complications along the way.  However, we're dealing with a pretty big complication when it comes to this.

So, what am I talking about?

According to Zippia, Montana is dead last when it comes to teachers' salaries.  In fact, the difference between the first place state and Montana is about 27 thousand dollars a year. So, just what is the average for Montana?  The average teaching salary for a Montana teacher is just over 34 thousand dollars according to the Zippia data.

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That's not all, in fact, Montana comes in at almost 14 thousand dollars less than the national average salary for teachers which is just shy of 48 thousand dollars a year. Is this something that we should be concerned about?  Should we be worried that our kids might be falling behind?

I certainly think so.

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I believe that there are people who teach for a living, and there are those that were born to teach.  I would much rather see us take care of the latter. Those are the men and women that we want in our classrooms.  Those are the folks that are going to make a difference and leave a positive impression on the youth of today.

So how do we make sure we're doing that?

While I'm not a fan of increased taxes or government spending, it seems to me that maybe we can take a look at some of the different programs we have here in Montana and make a few cuts here and there to assure that we are taking care of the folks that are teaching our children.

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