The Montana Highway Patrol told KGVO News that several members of the Kardashian family were involved in a minor slide-off accident near Belgrade on Saturday morning.

District 7 Commander, Captain Mark Wilfore said the incident occurred between Bozeman and Belgrade.

"Khloe and Kim Kardashian were in a minor vehicle mishap, not a crash, and simply slid off the roadway," Wilfore said. "They were traveling towards Belgrade at the time, and needed some assistance getting back up onto the roadway.We responded out there and got a tow truck for them and got them on their way."

Wilfore said the Kardashian's black Chevy Tahoe was not damaged during the mishap, no citations were issued, and no one was injured.

"It's my understanding they were on their way to the airport when the accident occurred," he said. When asked if any of the troopers asked for an autograph from the high-profile sisters, Wilfore said the contact was brief and totally professional. "It's my understanding that the contact was pretty casual and professional, and nothing like that occurred."

According to a published article on, those on board included the driver, Khloe, her sister Kim, North West and Kylie.

Wilfore said icy road conditions led to the slide-off.

(other photos in YouTube Video credited to Jason Merri - Getty Images and Montana Highway Patrol)


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