In a dramatic turn of events on Friday, Janelle Pflager, testifying in the murder trial of her partner and father of her son, Markus Kaarma, denied words she had spoken to a police officer regarding what she heard in the garage moments before the fatal shot was fired that killed Diren Dede,

The prosecution replayed a portion of the audio from an interview following the fatal shooting between Officer Olds and Pflager in which she said she heard a voice in the garage.

"And then I heard the kid yelling, 'No, no. no, no, please!' "

Asked if she remembered saying those words, Pflager testified that she did not.

"You're telling the jury here today that you never heard those words," the state said. "I said a lot of things that were untrue," Pflager said. "I did not hear those words, I wish I had said those words."

The trial of Markus Kaarma for deliberate homicide in the garage shooting of German Exchange student Diren Dede resumes Monday morning at 8:30.