Montanans are being encouraged to wear body cameras just like law enforcement may wear. Here's why. 

Do you see those people standing on the street corner desperately trying to get you to sign their petition? The best one-liner piece of advice we've heard is "decline to sign" when it comes to these shady ballot initiative signature gathering efforts.

One of them deals with abortion. The radical Left is trying to get abortion enshrined in the Montana Constitution with some very deceptive language. It will basically allow for abortion on demand all the way up to the due date.

In his latest legislative update, Jeff Laszloffy with the Montana Family Foundation talked about how they are documenting some of these paid signature gatherers committing violations.

Laszloffy: "Video cameras are being used to catch signature gatherers who break the law and the recorded violations are piling up. These signatures will then be thrown out when the petitions are finally counted."

Laszloffy says volunteers have been donning body cameras in order to catch the violations in progress.

Laszloffy: "People wearing small police body cameras simply announced that they are videotaping, then stand quietly off to the side while their camera gathers evidence that will be used later in court. At that point, one of two things happens the signature gather packs up and leaves or they stay and the videographer captures the inevitable violations on tape."

He added that the shady operatives collecting signatures have called police on the volunteers "and in every single instance without exception, are told that the pro life videographer has the legal right to record the process."

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