World-renowned champion athlete Riley Gaines called out Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) for voting against girls sports, and for voting to allow men into girls locker rooms.

Gaines, who gained national notoriety after she "was forced to compete in the 2022 NCAA championship against a biological male," joined us on our statewide radio show before a rally in Whitefish, Montana.

She called out the Biden Administration for stripping away protections for women and girls under Title IX to force transgender participation on women's sports teams.

Riley Gaines: "They did this under the guise of progress, but let's be very clear- this is regressive. This is taking us back in time. This is the most anti-woman, anti-reality pursuit we have seen from this administration. And so we are here in Montana, for a couple reasons, to spread awareness first and foremost, to give calls to action for everyday common sense Americans- Montanans- who intuitively know that men and women are different." 

Why Montana? How did Montana end up as a stop on her national tour to "Take Back Title IX?" She told me, "what better place than here?" Especially given the fact that Montana has a US Senator who does not represent Montana values.

they would be just as appalled as I am, quite frankly."
Gaines says she has gotten a chance to get to know Navy SEAL veteran and US Senate candidate Tim Sheehy and that she is confident he will stand in support of women and girls' sports.
I also asked her about critics on the Left who downplay the threat of males playing in girls sports, and men being allowed into girls locker rooms.
Riley Gaines: "How many girls will it take? How many girls have to lose out on opportunities, or have to be exploited in locker rooms non-consensually, or injured in their sports before you do care, before you do see this as a problem that is worth solving?"
Here's the full audio of our chat with Riley Gaines and more. 


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