"We need to be ferocious not fabulous." Rob O'Neill, Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden.  

Butte, Montana's Rob O'Neill is the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden. How did he react when it comes to news that the US Navy is using a drag queen for a recruitment video? "I can't believe I fought for this bullsh*t," O'Neill was quoted as saying in the New York Post and elsewhere.

We caught up with Rob O'Neill recently and got his take on the recruitment scandal and more.

Rob O'Neill: They're saying that they don't want people to be robots, but it is a uniformed service where the first thing that they do to any Marine or sailor or soldier- they shave your head, they put you in the same uniform, because you're uniform. You don't join the Navy, or the Army to express yourself. I mean, what you do on your off hours is fine. But the tweet I put out yesterday is, we need to be ferocious not fabulous. And the guy gets over a million likes on Tik Tok.  Tik Tok itself is a Chinese espionage platform, and we all know this. We're losing a war with China, and they're helping us do it with woke crap like this.


We've been wanting to catch up with Rob for a few different stories, including his role in assisting the Boston Police Department just over 10 years ago as they sought to track down the terrorist responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing.

Full audio with Rob O'Neill can be heard around 640 a.m. in the following podcast:

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