Say one thing, do another. Jon Tester is number one for lobbyist cash...again!

Earlier this week, I mentioned how Democrat Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) at one point was the number one recipient of lobbyist campaign cash in all of Washington, and currently is the number two recipient of lobbyist cash in all of Washington.

Now, I need to update the numbers and be accurate with our listeners because Tester is once again the number #1 recipient of lobbyist cash in all of Washington, DC. As Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy points out, Tester even got more lobbyist cash than "Crooked Joe Biden!"

Here's the tweet:

Credit Tim Sheehy via X
Credit Tim Sheehy via X

Here's a couple reactions that came in after Sheehy pointed out the facts:

Richard @rcmcowboy: "That’s how he can afford all those fancy dinners in Washington, DC!"
@MTmiss2_0: "Tester’s been an embarassment to Montana for too long. Time for him to go"
To Richard's point- Tester has racked up more than $1.2 million in restaurant bills at fancy Washington, DC area restaurants like the Bistro Bis and the Bistro Cacao. Despite campaigning against lobbyist cash in 2006, Tester has been living high on the hog in Washington, while Montanans suffer from his policies.


In addition to lobbyists, Tester is paying for all of those phony campaign commercials with cash from California, New York, and elsewhere. He also flip-flopped on TikTok after getting campaign contributions from their lobbyist. His own godson even says he has changed after all of these years in Washington.



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