The restaurant scene in Bozeman is constantly changing, and if you're having difficulty keeping up with all of the local restaurant news, you're not alone. As the population continues to grow, more changes are certain. A local restaurant that has been serving Bozeman residents for nearly 40 years has announced a change in ownership.

Popular Bozeman Restaurant Announces New Ownership

It seems like restaurants and other business are closing or changing ownership on a daily basis. New businesses are popping up all over Bozeman. Now, the owner of a longtime pizza shop in Bozeman is retiring. Thankfully, the restaurant isn't closing and it sounds like the new owners don't have plans to make any changes.

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Columbo's Pizza & Pasta on the corner on College & 10th near Montana State University has been sold to Nick & Michelle Rogers. The couple owns and operates another Bozeman favorite, Main Street Over Easy.

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Columbo's owner, Cassie Columbo made the following announcement on Facebook.

Dear Bozeman and Beyond,

My family and I are so thankful to you for 39 years of your friendship and support. But, this gal is pooped and ready to focus on our little boy. So, with hearts filled with of gratitude, we have sold Colombo’s Pizza & Pasta to Nick and Michelle Rodgers. Nick and Michelle have been living and working in Bozeman for the last 10 years and own Main Street Over Easy. Many of you know how dedicated they are and they have every intention of keeping Colombo’s Colombo’s. I have grown up in this restaurant and many of you have been foundational to the person I am today. Thank you for being our customers and our community.

With love, gratitude, and pizza,
Cassie Colombo

Columbo's Pizza & Pasta

History of Columbo's Pizza & Pasta in Bozeman

In 1985, Joe & Janet Colombo bought Karl Marks Pizza on the corner of 10th and College. In 1987, the name was changed to Colombo's Pizza & Pasta. The restaurant has been a huge part of the Bozeman community for several years. We're happy to hear that the new owners aren't going to change anything. To learn more about the history of Columbo's, click here.

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