This news could shake up several TV rights regarding collegiate and professional sports teams in the Pacific Northwest.

If you don't have the time, money, or access to attend professional or collegiate sports, the next best thing is watching them on television.

Television has given millions of folks access to their favorite teams. It could be football, baseball, basketball, or other sports. It's convenient for many who live in rural areas and can't attend in-person games.

Photo by Jonas Leupe via Unsplash
Photo by Jonas Leupe via Unsplash

If there is one channel that Montanans need to watch Seattle Mariners, Portland Trailblazers, or the Brawl of the Wild football game between the Montana State Bobcats and the University of Montana Grizzlies, it's ROOT Sports.

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ROOT Sports shows sports happening all over the Pacific Northwest. They showcase high school, college, and professional sports daily.

It's been an asset for those who love watching the Mariners, Kraken, and more, but things might change.

ROOT Sports-Northwest Region via Facebook
ROOT Sports-Northwest Region via Facebook

ROOT Sports is having massive financial troubles and might close shop soon. According to KING5, the cable channel has been bleeding money, and its biggest investor might have to make severe cuts.

What does that mean? We could see ROOT Sports close shop, leaving several sports teams without TV rights for the foreseeable future.

There might be light on the horizon.

Amazon might be the savior ROOT Sports is looking for.

Amazon wants to add more live sports to its portfolio, and this move could be a home run for them. Amazon is based in the Seattle area and has several deals in place for NFL and NBA games.

Photo by Christian Wiediger via Unsplash
Photo by Christian Wiediger via Unsplash

If Amazon can add a few MLB teams and not allow blackouts, memberships could rise significantly.

How would you feel if ROOT Sports went away? Let us know on the app.

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