The real question is how long will this project take to be completed.

Montana has some fantastic airports in cities like Kalispell, Missoula, and Billings, but the busiest and most popular airport is the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.

The Bozeman Airport sees more than double the amount of travelers than any other airport in Montana. There are almost twenty daily flights across the country to popular destinations like Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, and more.

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With the sheer amount of travelers, the Bozeman Airport has gone to great lengths to improve the facilities and the surrounding areas. They have added a new terminal, expanded parking, and more to improve the travel experience.

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport via Facebook
Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport via Facebook

The Bozeman Airport has some news, and this is huge.

The Bozeman Airport announced they will expand the East Terminal.

Photo by Umit Yildirim via Unsplash
Photo by Umit Yildirim via Unsplash

This project will cost somewhere between $140 to $180 million and will give the airport a massive facelift in that area.

What's the plan? Here's what will happen.

  • They will expand Concourse A. This plan will include new retail and food spaces, three new gates, and more.
  • An expanded baggage claim, including three new carousels to spread out travelers.
  • A new security checkpoint.

This plan is a massive project and could take six years to finish.

Adding these projects will take time, but they plan on starting this fall after the summer rush.

Photo by Umit Yildirim via Unsplash
Photo by Umit Yildirim via Unsplash

The Bozeman Airport sees a large influx of people during the summer. Not only are folks coming in, but locals from neighboring towns and cities travel to Bozeman for cheaper flights.

This project could see larger and new airlines enter the Bozeman market, but we can't wait to see what the airport will look like when this finishes.

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