There's a funky café in downtown Bozeman that has earned a loyal following, the likes of which you don't see very often. Yes, breakfast and brunch are great. Lunch options are delicious. However, it's another section of their menu - the mimosa list - that is unlike any other restaurant around. But it's still a secret to so many.

This fairly famous Bozeman café (they've been in Bon Appetit, on the Food Network, etc.) comes with a kitschy yet historic atmosphere...and it also has rules of the house - all of which are perfectly reasonable to any reasonable person. (My personal opinion: if you're a high maintenance, demanding person, this might not be the place for you. More about 'the rules' later.)

Let's get back to the awesome stuff - we're talking about the Cateye Café in Bozeman and their INSANELY AWESOME MIMOSA LIST. It's a work of thoughtful art, that list. Champagne and orange juice have always been a lovely combination. However, the Cateye takes that combo to the next level in so many different ways.

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Cateye Cafe sign - Cateye Facebook
Cateye Cafe sign - Cateye Facebook


So, this mimosa list ain't messing around. Plus, you can order "Kitten Size" or "Big Cat Size" depending on how much you need to get done that day. BTW, they also have beer and wine for those who aren't champagne fans. For those of us who take our breakfasts and brunching very seriously, (I've bolded my personal faves), let's check out this list:

  • The Original
  • Caribbean ~ Pineapple Orange Guava
  • Pink Passion ~ Grapefruit
  • Purrfectly Pineapple ~ Pineapple
  • Tabby Cat ~ Blood Orange
  • Twisted ~ Cranberry
  • Starburst ~ Pomegranate Orange
  • Apple Pie ~ Apple Cinnamon
  • Double Bubbles ~ Sparkling Orange
  • Dreams ~ Peach
  • Montanan ~ Huckleberry
Cateye Cafe mimosa - Cateye Facebook
Cateye Cafe mimosa - Cateye Facebook

Oh, and some of those rules I was referring to earlier? I've listed most of them here so you can get the vibe of the place. Their staff is wonderful and very hard working, the food is top notch, and the restaurant is almost always busy - but worth the trip. With that, the rules all make sense.

  • Order off the menu – that’s why we have one.
  • No Camping if campground (restaurant) is full. Lots of hungry folks to feed. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to leave after you have eaten if we have a line.
  • We will gladly substitute nothing for anything, or we might substitute something for something, but we will never substitute something for nothing (no guarantees, ever).
  • Ask for water if you want it.
  • Being annoying is prohibited (open to our interpretation, staff excluded).
  • You will discover we don’t take Discover or American Express (Sorry, Jerry Seinfeld).
  • We don’t and won’t poach your eggs.
  • If you have a fork then you don’t need a spoon to stir your coffee.
  • Order all your condiments: salsa, cream, honey, ketchup, etc. when you order the rest of your stuff. All at once, that’s the idea.
  • Put your money on the table edge when you are ready to bolt.
Cateye Cafe - Cateye Facebook
Cateye Cafe - Cateye Facebook

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