One of the biggest retailers in the United States has been named in a class action lawsuit and that could mean a considerable refund for Montana shoppers.


Walmart, which has 14 locations across Montana was named in a lawsuit claiming that the retail giant overcharged for certain products, and according to the suit, that could mean that Montanans who shopped at the different locations across the state could be eligible for a check for 500 dollars.

The lawsuit was originally filed in Florida, however, it includes all Walmart customers across the United States, including here in Big Sky Country.

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The class action lawsuit includes the following vocabulary regarding a time frame and those who are eligible.

All Persons who Purchased Weighted Goods and/or Bagged Citrus in-person at a Walmart retail store, supercenter, or neighborhood market in the United States or Puerto Rico (“Walmart Store”) from October 19, 2018, through and including January 19, 2024 (the “Settlement Class Period”).

To see the complete letter, you can click here.

What is the reason for the lawsuit?

It was reported that Walmart overcharged for certain products such as meat and bagged citrus and because of this, owed their customers a refund. It seems that the case stems from the fact that Walmart sold those items for more than the advertised price. You can see a list of some of the items in question by clicking here.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Apparently, Walmart has agreed to a settlement and it is now waiting for court approval.

Do I need a receipt to get a refund?

While you don't need a receipt to get a refund, it seems that there are some factors in determining the amount of money that you can receive. Those who purchased between 1 and 50 of the items on the list during the time frame are eligible for 10 dollars. If you purchased between 51 and 75 of the items you are eligible for 15 dollars and if you purchased between 76 and 100 of the items you can receive 20 dollars.  Anything over that without a receipt is eligible for a refund of 25 dollars.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

If you do have receipts, you are eligible for up to 2 percent which has a limit of a 500-dollar refund.  If you would like to be part of the class action suit, you can file by clicking here and you have until June 5th, 2024 to do so.

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