(YouTube Screen Shot) See video below
(YouTube Screen Shot) See video below

Over the past few days there has been a large controversy over a Go-Daddy television ad created for the Super Bowl.

In recent days, Go-Daddy, the web site registration service, has pulled the ad after some negative comments by animal rights activists.

The ad concerns a lost puppy. If you haven’t seen the ad yet you can view it by Clicking Here.

Let’s Review The Unintended Consequences

Go Daddy runs an ad and it’s played all day long on every news program that needs some controversial topics. Instead of paying the going Super Bowl rate of $4.5 million per minute the ad is everywhere for basically free.

The plan is for Go-Daddy to run another ad in place of the more controversial ad. I guess they just had a back up laying around just in case.

Enter Budweiser

Budweiser has been famous for years with their tear jerking Super Bowl ads featuring their famous Clydesdale horses and Dalmatian dogs.

As luck would have it they too have a lost puppy commercial this year. The Budweiser version has a little happier ending than the Go-Daddy version. If you like puppies winning out in the end that is.

The upside for Budweiser is that networks are running the two ads together as a good guy, bad guy comparison.

So Budweiser, who has no shortage of ad budget money, is also reaping a lot of extra exposure they didn’t count on.

If you missed the Budweiser ad you can view it by Clicking Here.

Some Final Thoughts

Sometimes in the advertising world the stars and planets line up just right and your dollar gets 10 to 100 times the exposure you thought it would. Even negative publicity is good publicity.

Did Go-Daddy come up with an ad they knew would be unpopular? Was the plan from day one to pull the ad? Were they just trying to tell a joke that backfired?

Either way Go-Daddy comes out with less egg on their face than they could have. And a lot of people are putting the Go-Daddy name out there.

As I write this my wife points out I am just perpetuating the hype. Well that’s true but I am a business guy after all.

If I am the head of Go-Daddy advertising the Super Bowl commercial would begin where the rejected one ended with the dog going to the perfect home. Remember you heard it here first.

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