We weren't sure if Tim Lee from KINX radio in Great Falls was going to be joining us today. Turns out he got called in for jury duty on Monday.

Nonetheless, he ended up making it to the Heritage Inn in Great Falls to join us for our live broadcast of Montana Talks- our statewide radio talk show.  I wonder if this photo got him out of jury duty?



By the way, Tim Lee did the below caricature of me while I was LIVE on the air from the Montana Electric Cooperatives' Association annual meeting in Great Falls. And he did this in less than 15 minutes! How'd he do that so fast? Prior to working for STARadio (KINX) in Great Falls, Tim worked for Disney.

Make sure you catch Tim Lee on KINX in Great Falls right before Montana Talks goes statewide at 9AM.

Photo credit Aaron Flint, caricature created by Tim Lee (STARadio)