Missoula police arrested a man on Wednesday after his wife called his parole officer claiming she had been attacked. According to Police Public information officer Travis Welsh, the suspect is 40-year-old Jonathan Keys.

"Officers learned, that during the course of the disturbance Mr. Keys had grabbed his wife, slammed her against walls and adjacent items in the home before holding her down and placing his forearm across her throat, limiting her ability to breathe," Welsh said.

Apparently, the attack began after the victim came by for an unannounced visit and found someone else in the home.

"She had come to the residence unannounced, to pick up some of her property. It appears that they live in separate residences. She lives out of town and had come to Missoula to pick up some property. Apparently, the argument began when the female noticed another female inside the residence."

Because of the strangulation involved in the assault, Mr. Keys is facing a felony charge.

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