Last week, a Laramie, Wyoming man found a GoPro while archery hunting. Once he returned to camp, he plugged the device in to charge the battery.

On Tuesday, Dylan Schilt shared details about the experience on his Facebook page. He assumes the GoPro was lost by a snowmobile, and that it had been there for quite a while. After charging the battery, Schilt decided to check out some of the stored footage, and couldn't believe his eyes.

There was a video on the GoPro that showed a black bear attempting to eat it. You can still see snow on the ground, so the footage is most likely from the spring. The truly incredible thing about the video is that the black bear somehow managed to turn the device on and begin recording. The bear not only turned the device on, he also played with it for a little while

If you've ever been curious about what the inside of a bear's mouth looks like, you no longer have to wonder. Schilt posted the 4:38 video on Facebook, and it's pure gold. He says that it's hands down the craziest thing that he's ever found.

Here's what he had to say about it.

Last week when I was up archery hunting, I stumbled across a GoPro that a snowmobiler had lost. When I got back to camp I charged it up and couldn't believe what I saw. After four months of it sitting there, a big old black bear found it and not only managed to turn it on but also started recording himself playing with it.

Watch the video below.

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