Sad to say, we are no longer living in the Old West. I really hate to see that go by the wayside, but I have to face reality.

Horses are going to have to give way to computers. As we speak, every farmer in the valley is probably applying fertilizer based on GPS reading from a satellite somewhere.

Downtown merchants are keeping shelves stocked using POS (Point of Sale) technology. When supplies run low, the computer will automatically order more without the owner having to do anything but spend his or her time growing the business.

3D Printing

The lowest priced 3D printer has gone from $18,000 10 years ago to less than $400 currently.

By the end of this year, your smart phone will be 3D and you can take a picture of your feet and print your own shoes at home.

In the next 20 years or so nearly 10 percent of everything you buy will be 3D printed. No more sweat shops in the slums of Nairobi.

Multistory buildings and homes are already being manufactured with giant 3D printers.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Unless your young’un is going to specialize in designing or repairing robots, they are probably going to be SOL (Somewhat outta luck) when it comes to getting a job.

You can already get info online about legal problems, nutrition, healthy living, and medical advice.

In the years to come, your IBM Watson or smart phone will be able to test your blood, oxygen levels, and other vital signs and diagnose hundreds of diseases. So much for needing your friendly family doctor.

You won’t need an attorney for much of anything other than specialty work. Watson will look up every conceivable legal argument to every case that ever made it to court and some that didn’t.

So don’t send your kids to medical or law school.


Chances are you won’t have the need to own a car or even have a license 20 years from now. You’ll be able to call a self-driving one on your phone. No gas, insurance, tires, tune-ups, oil changes or worrying about a place to park.

When your business is finished call another car for your next trip.

You’ll be able to live further away from work because you can either work or sleep on your way to work without the hassle of driving in traffic or weather.


Farmers are already pretty computerized, but producing beef, veal, hamburger will be done in a whole new way in the future.

No real need for vast herds of cows, pigs, sheep, or goats. Technology will handle the heavy lifting.

Farmers will also be producing protein alternatives — insects for food. Don’t worry you’ll get used to eating roaches as long as they don’t look like roaches. They’ll look more like tuna fish or peanut butter but taste better.

Some Final Thoughts

The next 20 years are going to be pretty interesting. If you can imagine it, chances are someone will make it happen.

However, keep in mind that the speed technology is advancing might make your idea obsolete before you even find a name for it.

Even the 8-track player was a good idea at one time, then the cassette, then the CD, and then technology really got Sirius.

So do you have the next 8-track or a system where I can hear your music in my thoughts? If so, I’m reaching for my wallet.

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