Do you have a couch you want to sell? Maybe your neighbor has some old records? Maybe even a TV? This year's Super Garage Sale is on May 19th and I've come up with a genius plan for me and some friends to sell our stuff all together.

Booths are going for $50 for a 10'x10' space. The space isn't limited to any amount of people though. I just got rid of some stuff (threw it all away and I regret it now), but I have a few things left worth selling. My neighbor has got a garage full of things she wants to sell. I thought why not go in on a 10'x10' together? Of course we will split the $50 fee for the booth depending on how much I sell and how much she sells but it's a win win for both of us.

I'm also excited to find the perfect coffee table at the Super Garage Sale. If you have one, come down and sell it!

Sign up for the Super Garage Sale this May 19th, if you're only looking to buy, show up when it starts at 7:00am to make sure to get the best stuff! More info on the sale right here.

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