Montana has some good ones, but a surprisingly LOW number of National Historic Landmarks compared to most other states. With all of our Lewis and Clark type history, you'd think Montana would absolutely dominate the West at least. But we don't even win that category.

Let's start with a taster menu of "state stats" and who has how many National Historic Landmarks:

  • Alabama: 39 NHLs
  • California: 147 NHLs
  • Florida: 47 NHLs
  • Indiana: 43 NHLs
  • Louisiana: 54 NHLs
  • Michigan: 43 NHLs
  • MONTANA: 28 NHLs
  • New Mexico: 46 NHLs
  • Rhode Island: 45 NHLs
  • Virginia: 123 NHLs
Google Maps
Google Maps

OK, so where can you find all of Montana's National Historic Landmarks? Here's the full list of places AND in what county you'll find them (Name, date of designation, locations):

Bannack Historic District - 07/04/61 located in Bannack, Beaverhead County, MT

Butte-Anaconda Historic District  - 07/04/61 Located in Butte, Silver Bow County, MT

Camp Disappointment - 05/23/66 Located in Glacier County, MT

Chief Joseph Battleground of Bear's Paw - 06/07/88 Located in Blaine County, MT

Chief Plenty Coups (Alek-Chea-Ahoosh) Home - 01/20/99 Located in Pryor, Big Horn County, MT

Deer Medicine Rocks - 03/02/12 Located in Rosebud County, MT

First Peoples Buffalo Jump - 07/21/15 Located in Cascade County, MT

Fort Benton Historic District  - 11/05/61 Located in Fort Benton, Chouteau County, MT

Fort Union Trading Post (also in Williams and McKenzie Counties, ND) - 07/04/61 Located in Roosevelt and Richland Counties, MT

Going-to-the-Sun Road - 02/18/97 Located in Glacier National Park, Flathead and Glacier Counties, MT

Grant-Kohrs Ranch - 12/19/60 Located in Powell County, MT

Great Falls Portage - 05/23/66 Located in Cascade County, MT

Great Northern Railway Buildings - 05/28/87 Located in Glacier National Park, Glacier and Flatbead Counties, MT

Hagen Site - 07/19/64 Located in Dawson County, MT

Lake McDonald Lodge - 05/28/87 Located in Glacier National Park, Flathead County, MT

Lemhi Pass (also in Idaho) - 10/09/60 Located in Beaverhead County, MT and Lemhi County, ID

Lolo Trail (also in Idaho) - 10/09/60 Located in Missoula County, MT and Clearwater and Idaho Counties, ID

Northeast Entrance Station - 05/28/87 Located in Yellowstone National Park, Park County, MT

Pictograph Cave - 07/19/64 Located in Yellowstone County, MT

Pompey's Pillar - 07/23/65 Located in Yellowstone County, MT

Rankin Ranch - 05/11/76 Located in Avalanche Gulch, Broadwater County, MT

Rosebud Battlefield/Where The Girl Saved Her Brother - 10/06/08 Located in Kirby, Big Horn County, MT

Russell, Charles M., House and Studio -12/21/65 Located in Great Falls, Cascade County, MT

Three Forks of the Missouri - 10/09/60 Located in Gallatin County, MT

Travelers Rest (Revised Documentation - 03/21/06) - 10/09/60 Located in Missoula County, MT

Virginia City Historic District - 07/04/61 Located in Virginia City, Madison County, MT

Wheeler, Burton K., House - 12/08/76 Located in Butte, Silver Bow County, MT

Wolf Mountains Battlefield/Where Big Crow Walked Back and Forth - 10/06/08 Located in Birney, Rosebud County, MT

Photo - Michelle Wolfe
Photo - Michelle Wolfe

According to the National Park Service, this is how they define a National Historic Landmark: "National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) are historic properties that illustrate the heritage of the United States. The over 2,600 NHLs found in the U.S. today come in many forms: historic buildings, sites, structures, objects, and districts. Each NHL represents an outstanding aspect of American history and culture. "

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