A grey dodge Intrepid and a highway patrol car were involved in a brutal head-on crash this morning, March 9, at around 5:45 on Highway 93. According to Highway Patrol Trooper Drew Novak who was called to investigate, the crash occurred near mile marker 43 South of Hamilton.

"The Intrepid unfortunately had tires on the front end that were worn past the safe limits," Novak said. "One was bald, it's extremely unsafe to be operating on a snowy road with those kind of tires. Due to that fact, the snow road and the bald tires, the Intrepid lost control as the driver was negotiating a curve and crossed the center line and came into the path of Sgt. Scott Bennett's patrol car."

The Intrepid continued sliding into the other lane of traffic, while Trooper Bennett turned to the right to avoid a crash, but couldn’t get out of the way.

"They met head-on, on the shoulder and there was a significant crash," Novak said. "Both of them were taken to St. Patrick Hospital with serious injuries, but it appears that the injuries are not life threatening."

According to Trooper Novak, Bennett’s ankle appears to have been shattered in the accident. The crash closed down the highway for about three hours while the investigation determined the cause of the incident.

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