I expected some complications, but I thought we'd be a little more prepared than this. 

If you didn't know, the Montana High School Association approved high school baseball to start in the spring of 2023. This sports news was exciting for many baseball fans throughout the Big Sky state because we were one of three states that didn't endorse high school baseball. 

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One of the big discussion points after baseball got approved was which schools would endorse the sport. As of right now, the answer is a little murky. 

406 MT Sports has been watching closely to see what schools will be adopting baseball as a varsity sport starting next spring, and it's interesting. As of right now, several AA schools are postponing adding baseball. Missoula, Great Falls, and Helena have all decided to postpone until 2024. 

We haven't heard what Bozeman or Belgrade plans on for high school baseball, but we could easily see them push back the addition of baseball as well. 

Photo by Mike Bowman via Unsplash
Photo by Mike Bowman via Unsplash

Adding high school baseball into sports programs so quickly does create some logistical issues. For starters, acquiring a baseball field is problem number one. Lots of cities and towns might have only one ball field they will be able to use, and sharing that field could be problematic. 

Plus, the schools in the smaller divisions might have trouble fielding teams and will need to partner up with another school. Also, how long would the season last? We have long winters here in Montana, and that could hurt the baseball season. So, I do see some of the issues schools might face while trying to implement baseball into sports programs.

Even if we have to wait two years for high school baseball, I am still excited to see it come to Montana. It's been a long time coming.

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports. 

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