Currently there are over 170 federal programs that provide some sort of aid to the American public. In the past 10 years there have never been less than 100.

Almost half of them pass out cash.

Where are the government incentives to get off public assistance? Over 50 percent of all Americans are receiving some sort of payment from the government. But no one seems to know who get’s the bill for all this “free stuff?”

The Freedom Train

It’s less than a year until the next presidential election. Time for politicians to buy votes with promises of more “free stuff.”

But is it really free? What does “free” really mean. Free to whom?

No one teaches at Montana State for free. No one sweeps the hallways for free. No one clears the snow off university sidewalks for free.

Police and fire don’t work for free. Doctors, lawyers and bankers all expect to be rewarded for their knowledge and expertise.

But when it comes to “free stuff” there is always a bill that ends up on someone’s desk and a payment is made.

What part of that equation does “free” fit into?

Students work for scholarships. They earn them by studying hard. Someone made an investment in a scholarship. No one made an investment in something that’s paid for without effort.

Who will work for free tuition?

If there is free college tuition for the student then how does anyone get paid? The answer is a very simple one.

Someone else pays that bill.

Is Free The Best Idea?

Which do we appreciate more — things given to us; or the things we have to work for? Lottery winners are often just as broke a few years later than they were when they won.

Athletes that grew up in inner cites who become instant millionaires are often taken advantage of by their poorer friends.

Are The Best Things In Life Really Free?

The song says so. Really free things, really important things don’t have a bill or price tag. They don’t require a sacrifice or life change by anyone.

If your rate of pay is suddenly raised from $7.25 and hour to $15.00 per hour with no additional effort on your part how long will it be before you demand $20 per hour? Why work more if you get double the wage for the same work?

Some Final Thoughts

About the only free thing I can think of that’s truly free is — air. Some people might say love is free, respect, devotion or compassion.

If someone provides something for you while you expend none of your own efforts is that really free? And are you justified to demand more?