A Harvard film crew was in Missoula today, April 17 visiting a number of local grocery stores. According to Pattee Creek Market owner Jim Edwards, a major investigation is being done on Montana's food dating laws.

"The one they are really zeroing in on is milk dating, because Montana is so far behind compared to the other states,” Edwards said. “It’s ridiculous, 12 day dating on milk... people are confused, because all of the states around us are at 21 days.”

Edwards says that if he were to keep milk on the shelf past the 12 day mark, it could result in fines from the Montana Milk Control Board.

“It’s ridiculous, because milk lasts about 30 days, and to have 12 day coding on it... it’s just a waste. It just drives the price of milk up,” Edwards said. “We’re supposed to be in an environment of cutting back and saving, and doing the right thing and having the milk date at 12 days in Montana is an embarrassment.”

Though Edwards didn’t want to comment on the beneficiaries of a strict milk dating system, others have frequently pointed fingers at milk producers who benefit from an artificially decreased supply for milk. The average price for milk in Montana is above the national average, though


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