If you've ever wanted to own your own bar or restaurant, now may be the time to seize the day. Montana establishments that haven't changed hands in a very long time are on the market.

(The information listed below is accurate as of August 30th, 2021. Keeps in mind that real estate prices can change and the final sale price is often different than the listed price.)

Fins Tap House in Corvallis, MT (Ravalli County): $850,000 - You'll find Corvallis south of Missoula, and just north of Hamilton. The listing for Fins Tap House includes real estate, a little acreage, a beer and wine license, and pavilions for event use and additional square footage. It sure is pretty down there and the listing says that the owners are retiring. Fins Tap House menu on their official website can be found here. Seating capacity is 45 for the restaurant and they currently serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Crazy Mountain Inn Bed & Breakfast in Martinsdale, MT (Meagher County): $375,000 - This business appears to have very good Google Reviews which is a nice bonus. This is another 'looking to retire' situation and although it's not exactly a restaurant, we wanted to include it here as it's such a well liked business in a beautiful part of the state. There IS a beer and wine license included in the sale price. The Crazy Mountain Inn is full of possibilities and it's not a zillion dollars.

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The Montana Roadhouse in White Sulphur Springs, MT (Meagher County): $599,000 - This one is cool. The tavern plus a 3 bedroom rental, the liquor license is included. 1.55 acres. We love White Sulphur Springs and this might be your chance to bug out of Bozeman, but be reasonably nearby.

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Camp Creek Home Fire Grill, Bed and Breakfast in Philipsburg, MT (Granite County): $1,350,000 - Phillipsburg is one of Montana's cutest small towns and has a healthy tourist industry...not to mention it's gorgeous. There's a lot going on here with this particular listing. There's even a YouTube video about it:

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