Some updating is needed for yesterday's post concerning Flood Aid 2011. It goes like this: June 25th at the Sacagawea bandshell in Livingston, MT. Music starts at 11 AM and goes through the day to 9 PM featuring the following local artists: Austin Voll and Professional Secrecy, AJ Skaff, 2 Story Ranch, Kaylin Beasly and the Bad Intentions, Do It Kappa and Mud Pill Palace. There are more bands coming and all donations will be going directly to the American Red Cross to benefit flood victims and relief efforts. Come out and support a good cause with great music in the sun. Check out the link above for full details and get cracking in an internet style so the donations swell.

All this talk of natural disasters reminds me of a simpler time in my life when my worries were bee stings and tree climbing. The natural disaster that I was most worried about was Godzilla. Now, there are many reasons to fear the King of Monsters, but without Godzilla we would be left open to attacks from the other gigantic monster evils of the world. I think we can all rest easier at night knowing that Mothra and Ghidra will be kept in check (not to mention Rodan and his girlfriend.) Not that we can always count on Godzilla for help, as from time to time he will get back into his crazy dino funk and smash a little Tokyo for old times sake. I am not saying we should be too worried about old G-money these days, but maybe if we spent a little less time worrying about zombies we would be better prepared for the next sky-scraper snack attack. Just a thought.

That's enough pontificating for me today, remember to check out Flood Aid this summer and donate whatever you can to help out. I leave you with a classic. Peace.