I think it’s obvious that winning with a percentage in the high 40s could hardly be considered a mandate of the people. The incoming president has a big challenge.

The most wasteful thing your can do in marketing is to spend money trying to change someone’s mind.

The new president has to at least try to get those who did not vote for him on board for whatever agenda that he puts forward.

Question One: Health Insurance?

Insurance companies are bailing out of Obamacare left and right. Rates are rising.

Some states only have a single insurance provider. I doubt it’s possible, even with a majority of both houses, to completely dump Obamacare and go back to the drawing board leaving millions without coverage.

So Obamacare needs a quick fix — then some serious tweaking if it’s to survive. How quick and how much tweaking will be necessary is the question?

Question Two: Immigration

Do we, or do we not, have borders? That would be the big question. If we get a wall built on the southern border that’s fine — no matter who pays for it.

If we don’t get a wall on the southern border — that’s fine too.

But we do have to get control of our borders. Way more than just Hispanics are pouring across and while we do deport a sizable number many of our cities are less safe.

Question Three: Jobs

Where are all the job bills that Harry Reid was supposedly holding off the Senate floor? With control of both houses and the White House a jobs bill should be a no brainer for Republicans.

That should be done immediately.

Everyone knows the 4.9 percent unemployment number is bogus. Let’s stop bickering and get people back to work.

Question Four: ISIS and Foreign Policy

It’s obvious to everyone that President Obama has zero interest in foreign affairs. His legacy is local — not international.

When was the last time he visited the troops in Iraq or Afghanistan? Radical Islamic Terrorists is absent from his vocabulary.

When and how are we going to end this currently endless Middle East involvement?

Question Five: Education and Inner Cities

Our inner city schools are deplorable. Graduation rates are dropping as gang membership is increasing.

It’s time to help residents of the inner cities to retake their schools and streets back from criminals.

Times Square, in New York City, used to be a hellhole today it’s a tourist destination and flourishing profit center for the city.

What will it take to bring prosperity to our inner cities?

Some Final Thoughts

Our new president will have many challenges before him. Going on as we have is unacceptable.

Our economy must grow and there must be work for those that want it.

What are your questions for the new president?

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