Rockhounding is a popular pastime in Montana. You can find a plethora of treasures including petrified wood, agates, sapphires, crystals, fossils, and more.

I spend many weekends during the summer on rivers in Montana and a lot of time walking rock bars and shorelines. It's a lot like treasure hunting. You never know what you'll find. Rockhounding is also something that is fun for the whole family. Not only do you get to spend quality time outdoors together, but you may find something really cool.

I've used many of the agates and treasures that I've found in Montana to build a rock garden in my front yard. Every rock has a story and memory connected to it. Montana is full of agates and they're pretty easy to find. If you don't have access to a raft or boat, you can use public fishing accesses along many rivers in Montana. You'll find different things depending on where you are in the state.

Montana's most prized agate is the Moss Agate, primarily found in eastern Montana along the Yellowstone River. Many agate hunters use their finds to create jewelry and other forms of art.

Fall is a great time to hunt for agates in Montana. The water levels are low and rivers aren't frozen yet. It's a perfect opportunity to get outside and hunt for some of Montana's treasures. Fortunately, you don't have to go far. There are quite a few rivers that are fairly close to Bozeman. Just find a public fishing access and start searching for treasures!

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