In September of 2011 two space crafts were sent up to orbit and document the Moon's surface. NASA held a national competition to collect name submissions for the two Moon Crafts and Nina DiMauro's Fourth Grade Class at Emily Dickinson Elementary in Bozeman won with the names 'Ebb' and 'Flow'.

The competiion began in October of 2011 with nearly 900 submisions.

"The 28 students of Nina DiMauro's class at the Emily Dickinson Elementary School have really hit the nail on the head," said Maria Zuber, GRAIL principal investigator from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass. "We were really impressed that the students drew their inspiration by researching GRAIL and its goal of measuring gravity. Ebb and Flow truly capture the spirit and excitement of our mission."

You can read the winning submission along with a photo of the class at

The reward for submitting the winning names, besides having the crafts named after their submission, the class will also get to choose the first camera images taken by the orbiting satellites.

Congratulations Fourth Graders of Emily Dickinson!

Check out the MoonKAM project on its website and see the discoveries it makes this March - May 2012