Though we're seeing some states move toward all-electric vehicle use, improvements must be made before electric vehicles are viable for everyday use in Montana. 

Montana has had a fascinating history with electric vehicles in recent years. First, Montana was ranked one of the worst states for electric cars because of the lack of charging stations. The charging stations in Montana can be far from each other, and if you don't time your battery life correctly between stations, that could be a problem. 

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According to KBZK, Montana now has almost 100 charging stations in the state. These charging stations are spread across the state, from Bozeman to small towns like Big Timber. That's a great start, especially for tourists who use electric cars like Teslas. Unfortunately, not all charging stations are the same, so it could take quite a while for certain vehicles to charge. 

Photo by Chuttersnap via Unsplash
Photo by Chuttersnap via Unsplash

There are now several electric vehicle companies, such as Lucid and Polestar, and even major manufacturers, like General Motors and Ford, are making breaking into the market. This news is fantastic. Having electric vehicles at price points for all different types of incomes is a step in the right direction. The Ford F-150 Lightnings are gorgeous. So where do our reservations come from? 

The biggest problem with electric vehicles is their battery. Sure, it can last for hundreds of miles—unless it's cold. Electric car batteries drain faster in the cold by up to 40%, and that is a problem in Montana, where everything is remote and spread out. 

Photo by Chuttersnap via Unsplash
Photo by Chuttersnap via Unsplash

Montana has long, cold winters, and if you are planning a trip with your electric vehicle during those months, that could spell trouble. You don't want to be stranded on the side of the road because your battery died in below-freezing weather—and our wind-chill can be absolutely brutal.

So until Montana installs more charging stations or these companies somehow make batteries that can better withstand cold weather, electric vehicles won't be a big hit in Montana. 

Also, I don't see my apartment complex adding charging stations any time soon.

Find out more details about Montana's electric vehicle charging stations here

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