Movies about Facebook, love, wolves and crime. It's a good week for dvd's with tons of variety and some real hits. Check them out.

The Social Network - This highly acclaimed movie chronicles the beginning of the largest social networking site, Facebook. Anyone that is on Facebook must see this movie to see how exactly it all began. Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake star in the film. Fans and Critics recommend it.

The Freebie - When relationships get stuck in rut,s it takes work from both sides to get it going again. For Darren and Annie, they work out a compromise that seems more play than work. Both allow the other a "free card" to follow any lustful desire they have--with another person! Fans and Critics recommend it.

Animal Kingdom - Official selection in the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, Animal Kingdom follows a teen, who after moving in with unfamiliar relatives, finds himself stuck in a world of crime and drugs. Will he become loyal to his new family? Fans don't recommend it but Critics do.

Hearbreaker (L'arnaceur) - Ever heard of Hitch? Well this movie is the opposite. Alex is hired to break up any couple for whatever reason as long as it's the woman that is unhappy. It's a new twist in the Rom/Com genre that you should check out. Fans and Critics recommend it.

Alpha and Omega - Take an adventure with Kate and Humphrey, two wolves, as they try to make their way back home from across the country. Full of action, comedy and madness. Fans recommend it but Critics don't.