It can get pretty chilly in Montana, and we want to make sure everyone stays as comfortable as possible while out in the snow. 

The past few days, we've gotten a taste of what winter might be like this year, and we need to be prepared. Winter coats, boots, and thermals are must-haves, but most people already know that. The real question is, what can we do to help out our furry friends in the colder months? 

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Most dogs are big fans of winter conditions. Dogs love galloping through snow, dunking their heads, and rolling around in powder. While it's great to let our puppies play, we need to make sure our dogs are as comfortable as we are when out in these conditions. 

Photo by Matteo Max via Unsplash
Photo by Matteo Max via Unsplash

Some dogs are perfect for winter, like Huskies and Bernese Mountain Dogs, but many others have short fur and can get cold quickly. These dogs might love the snow but can only handle the conditions for so long. 

Photo by Liz Tremblay via Unsplash
Photo by Liz Tremblay via Unsplash

So how can you help your dog stay warm in the snow? We did our research and found five items you should acquire for your dog this winter, so they can enjoy the snow as much as you, without risk of frost-bite, or worse. 

  1. Dog Paw Wax- If you want to protect your dog's paws from harsh elements, dog paw wax is one of your best options. Paw wax helps dogs grip ice and snow so they can run around and not beat up their little paws. 
  2. Dog Jackets- Do you want your dog to look stylish and stay warm at the same time? Dog jackets are a fantastic way to embarrass your dog, and allow them to stay warm while trudging through powder. 
  3. LED Dog Leash- If you take your dog on walks before or after work, it might be dark outside. If you get an LED dog leash, not only will you will be visible to vehicles nearby, your dog will love it as well. 
  4. Dog Booties- If you want to embarrass your dog and entertain yourself, get dog booties. These little slippers are waterproof and help with traction on ice and snow, not to mention prevent frostbite. 
  5. Heated Blanket- If you want to make sure your dog isn't shivering on the back of the car after a hike, get a heated blanket. It will keep them warm on the drive home, and might just put them right to sleep. 

These are a few items that will keep your dog happy and comfortable this winter. Dogs are man's best friend so let's make sure they are having a good time during this cold season. Don't forget, the cold affects them, just like you.

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