If you have not yet heard of KTVU's terrible gaffe, they are the news crew responsible for incorrectly reporting the pilot names of crashed Asiana Flight 214 as 'Sum Ting Wong', 'Wi Tu Lo', 'Ho Lee Fuk' and 'Bang Ding Ow'. Stephen Colbert points out they were racist in doing so; those names are all Chinese.

Stephen Colbert began his satire with the disclaimer regarding the crash landing of flight 214 by saying,

 ...three people were killed and everyone affected by this has my deepest sympathies. But I'll tell you who has none of my sympathies. The folks over at KTVU."

I love Stephen Colbert, and the satirical bit provoked roars of laughter from the studio audience. The way he pointed out how ridiculously ignorant the initial report by KTVU made me chuckle a bit, but are we being superficial by focusing on this erroneous report rather than showing compassion for the victims of the accident?

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