Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration (Provided by Google)
Mild to Moderate Dehydration Severe Dehydration
Dry, sticky mouth Extreme thirst
Sleepiness or tiredness Irritability and confusion
Dry skin Sunken eyes
Headache Dry skin that doesn't bounce back when you pinch it

I have a problem writing these posts. I don't like HOW I write, but love to read. I just can't write, wasn't given that gift. With that said, people always tell me; "Write about what you know." Well, one thing I know a boatload more about now than I did at 4 a.m. is dehydration. It is real and will sneak up on you.

See, shortly after the show this morning I became, as they say in polite company, unwell. I left the office and called my doctor. They were able to get me in almost immediately and, following a few questions accompanied by a brief examination, the doctor delivered the diagnosis of moderate to severe dehydration. If this condition is left unchecked, it can lead to death.

After some time spent hooked up to an IV pumping fluids back into my body and given a few pills to combat any lingering nausea, my doc let me back onto the streets of Bozeman.

I tell you all of this because, again, dehydration is real. Because of our generally dry climate and elevation it can sneak up on you very quickly. I exhibited the warning signs highlighted above in this post, yet ignored them all. In fact, I joked with co-workers that dehydration was the best, cheapest high in the world. I wouldn't wish what I experienced today on my worst enemy ever.

Drink your water!

Read more about dehydration from the Mayo Clinic HERE