A couple was arrested on Friday after being suspected of having sex in the children's pool at Bozeman Hot Springs. The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office was called after the couple had left the scene, but video surveillance and eyewitness accounts prompted deputies to locate the couple and arrest them at Gallatin Road and Axtell Anceny Road.

Dawn Danielle Klein and Aaron Hayes Miller were taken into custody for Indecent Exposure which is a felony.

Four witnesses told authorities that they witnessed the couple having sex in the children's pool, which is designated for children 10 and under. The witnesses said they observed the couple having sex just feet away from kids in the pool. Klein was apparently not wearing swimsuit bottoms. Video surveillance provided by Bozeman Hot Springs confirmed this.

When asked about the incident, the couple said they were stretching, although Klein admitted to "dry humping" for sexual gratification. After reviewing the surveillance video, deputies say it was apparent that the couple was having intercourse because of Klein's  repeated thrusts without separating while on top of Hayes.

One parent said that her eight-year-old asked her what the couple was doing, and what "sex" was. After looking at the video, members of the sheriff's department observed several children in the pool wearing goggles while the couple was "stretching."

Both Klein and Hayes are both in their 30s, and the children in the pool at the time ranged in age from infants to 10 years of age. Both defendants were transported to the Gallatin County Detention Center and held on no bond.

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