With more electric cars hitting the streets especially here in Bozeman, it makes sense if one of these popped up soon.

Over the past few years, more folks have been movie from regular gas vehicles to electric vehicles. The amount of Tesla vehicles I have seen around the Gallatin Valley have increased and the only place I know where folks can charge their cars is near the Hilton Garden Inn off of Baxter Lane.

The thing is, many car dealers are going to start producing a full electric line of vehicles and there will be a need for an electric charging station here in Bozeman or maybe a couple. Maybe put one near an off-ramp near the freeway and then another in town or close to Four Corners.

Photo by Michael Fousert via Unsplash
Photo by Michael Fousert via Unsplash

These charging stations just wouldn't be just for locals either, these would help a lot of folks who use electric vehicles while traveling around on trips. If they had a place in the center of Montana where they could charge their vehicle quickly and easily.

My only questions would be, how do you charge folks for using your electric charging station? Is it like a flat fee or do you charge per amp? It's a lot of questions but it could end up being a pretty decent business. Then again, with the work shortage in the Gallatin Valley, it could be a nonstarter and electric cars need to become more affordable for folks and here in Montana, we need electric trucks and SUVs that are reliable too.

Who knows, that might be coming soon.

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