Congressman Greg Gianforte recently introduced the Clean Water for Rural Communities Act, legislation if passed it will improve Montana’s rural water infrastructure.

“Unfortunately, not all Montanans have access to a reliable water supply,” said Gianforte. “The Clean Water for Rural Communities Act will better ensure more than 20,000 Montanans in our rural communities have a steady supply of water.”

The Clean Water for Rural Communities Act authorizes the Dry-Redwater Regional Water System and the Musselshell-Judith Regional Water System, which are two Bureau of Reclamation rural water projects.

Gianforte’s new measure will provide water treatment to 22,500 residents in Dawson, Fergus, Garfield, Golden Valley, Judith Basin, McCone, Musselshell, Prairie, Richland, Wheatland.

Leaders of the Dry-Redwater Regional Water Authority and the Central Montana Regional Water Authority praised Gianforte’s effort to complete crucial rural water infrastructure projects in Montana.

“The Dry-Redwater Regional Water Authority's users in Eastern Montana have waited for the processes in Washington to work for them and bring quality drinking water to the area. Thirteen years ago, DRWA asked for assistance from the federal government to help provide clean, safe water. Trillions of dollars have been dispensed from Washington since, yet still we wait for authorization of our water system,” said Jerry Meissner, chairman of the Dry-Redwater Regional Water Authority. “We are thankful for the help of Congressman Gianforte and for his introduction of legislation supporting our efforts. It is time for Congress to pass this bill to authorize this Water System and help our president build infrastructure.”


“After more than 12 years of preparation and completing the planning required by the Rural Regional Water Act, after spending more than $4 million, after approval of our planning process and findings by the Bureau of Reclamation, and after multiple other attempts to gain congressional authorization of our project, we are hope Congressman Gianforte’s efforts will finally result in authorization of the Musselshell-Judith Rural Water Project,” said Monty L. Sealey, project administrator with the Central Montana Regional Water Authority. “This project can provide water to up to 10,000 citizens in six central Montana counties. We appreciate Congressman Gianforte’s resolve to see this legislation enacted into law.”



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