The MSU Bobcat football team likely has a post-season playoff spot already locked up.  It doesn't matter. The Montana Grizzlies likely need to win in tomorrow's game to advance to the post season.  That doesn't matter. The forecast for game time is snow.  Nope, doesn't matter. The Bobcats are ranked 8th in the nation in this week's poll, and the Grizzlies are ranked 11th.  That doesn't matter either.

When it comes to this year's Cat/Griz matchup (and the previous 109 meetings) the only thing we know for sure is that when these two teams hit the field there's no telling what might happen.  Why?  EMOTION.  And there's a lot of it in this state when it comes to the Bobcats & the Grizzlies.  (By the way, the last time the Cats were ranked higher than the Griz was in 1984. If that year sounds familiar it's because that's the last time the Bobcats won the National Championship.)  GO CATS!

Game info: Kickoff from Washington Grizzly Stadium in Missoula scheduled for 12:05pm tomorrow.