On Air show from March 16, 2013.

My guests, Cindy Leavitt and Dagmar Uhl, have established themselves individually in this community through their work on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health issues.

During the show Dagmar and Cindy will talk about an upcoming six-day event, called "A NEW MARRIAGE".

It is an Intensive Retreat for Couples, which will be held in Big Sky from April 3rd through the 8th.
For more information on this retreat, please visit the New Marriage Seminar page.

Cindy Leavitt and Dagmar Uhl will share some insights in what to expect during this show.

Segment 1
Jacobus welcomes back Cindy Leavitt and Dagmar Uhl for a discussion about healthy relationships. They begin this week's show talking about vulnerability and the emotional work that needs to be done in a healthy relationship.

Segment 2
Cindy and Dagmar talk about the important ingredients of a successful relationship and answer a caller question about the effects of childhood trauma.

Segment 3
Cindy and Dagmar discuss the importance of opening yourself up for improvement, as well as the importance of figuring out who we are.

Segment 4
Cindy and Dagmar talk about fear, differences in men's and women's culture, and the distinction between opinion and experience.

Segment 5
Cindy and Dagmar talk about experiencing difficult emotions and feelings. They also explain the two dimensions of a relationship: attachment and business.

Segment 6
Cindy and Dagmar end this week's show by explaining what it means to have a "new marriage." They also discuss Jung's concept of the shadow, as well as the importance of accepting and taking responsibility for who we are.

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