Here's a heartwarming story straight from the streets of Bozeman.

Meet Chevy, otherwise known as Bozeman's 'Most Wanted' Dog.


It's safe to say that Chevy has an adventurous spirit. He has been on the loose in the Bozeman area for over a month. That's right, while temperatures were below zero in Bozeman, Chevy was out there somewhere braving the frigid cold.

Over the past month, animal control received multiple calls regarding Chevy sightings and tips of his whereabouts, but was unable to locate him.

Good news! Chevy has finally been found. According to a post of the Bozeman Police Department Facebook page,  animal control was finally able to catch him and return him to his owner.

Once the news broke, Gallatin Valley resident Sara had this to say on social media:

I could not love this more! Having spotted him once myself and not being able to get at him...I am thrilled he is back home!

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