A Bozeman man who recently survived a plane crash in Florida is fortunate to be alive and gives credit to area residents that came to his aid.

Tim Sheehy, a Bozeman resident and Navy SEAL was involved in the crash that killed a flight instructor.

According to the AP, a small plane lost power and crashed into a house near Winter Haven Regional Airport on Saturday. Flight instructor James Wagner was killed in the crash.

The AP also reports that inside of the home, a 17-year-old girl was pinned against a wall as a result of the crash and only sustained minor injuries.

Sheehy is also said to have minor injuries.

In an email to statewide radio host Aaron Flint, Sheehy credits the man photographed above, whose name he doesn't know, and other neighbors for their quick actions following the crash:

"SHEEHY: He and the neighborhood folks deserve credit for their selfless acts of bravery immediately after the crash. With a fire imminent they were courageous in their acts."

Sheehy is the CEO of Ascent Vision Technologies and Bridger Aerospace in Belgrade.

An investigation into the crash is still underway.

Aaron Flint contributed to this story.

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