The Equifax breach continues to be big news. Today on Dominick In The Morning attorney Justin Stalpes of the firm Beck, Amsden & Stalpes Law Firm in Bozeman. talked about a class action lawsuit on behalf of the people of Montana. His law firm is involved against Equifax, trying to protect Montana residents.

Stalpes, a recipient of the 2016 Appellate Lawyer of the Year award from the Montana Trial Lawyers Association, explained how hard it is to get a case in front of a jury. Credit reporting companies like Equifax have been very successful passing laws making it difficult. Credit reporting firms fear cases going to a jury where a multi-million dollar penalty might be judged against them.

The breach case against Equifax, which potentially affects every one out of every two Montanans, could not even be filed in a Montana court. It had to be in brought in federal court.

Stalpes talked about how badly Equifax seems to be handling this. People who have contacted them on the net have been sent to a bogus website. Equifax admitted Thursday it was giving out the wrong address to victims.

Equifax computer system was hacked and data for 143 million Americans was exposed. Best advice, watch your credit report and make sure no one is using your information and hurting your credit history.



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