I am a champion of Bozeman. However, the City of Bozeman (and Mother Nature) never fail to screw me every Fall when it comes to picking up my leaves that I dutifully rake for the City to pick up. Why? Because I live in the 'hood.

Bozeman Fall leaf pickup schedule is here. Good luck if you live on the North side. (Photo by Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)

See, the City of Bozeman leaf pickup schedule seems very orderly...and I guess it is. But it starts on the SOUTH SIDE of town every single year. Where the fancier people live. Don't think I haven't brought this up to every city official I can get my hands on. Their response? Elevation. Gimme a break.

(Before I go any further on this tirade, let me be clear that I adore the folks that work for the City. You know, the men and women who actually have to DO all this work and keep the storm drains clean and block streets when necessary. My beef is with THE SCHEDULE and the ridiculous reasoning behind it. Why can't we alter starting points each year. eh?)

The south side of town is MAYBE 100 feet higher than my 'hood on the north side. Wanna know what my property and city taxes are? About $2,800 a year and in my obsessive compulsive mind, the biggest benefit to paying taxes every year is to have the trees in my neighborhood trimmed and my leaves picked up. Never happens.

Not sure I'll even bother raking up the side yard. (Photo by Michelle Wolfe/KMMS)

Why? Because by the time my 'hood is on the City's schedule, it NEVER fails to have snowed at least a few inches and they're done. No mas. It is what it is.


Ok....I'm done now. But for you fancy people on the south side of town your leaves will be picked up shortly. Just check the schedule above.